Toyota fuel cell car to go on sale in US from 2015 with 480km range, 100kW

Toyota has brought its FCV Concept at the 2014 CES Show in Vegas with the news that it will begin selling a fuel cell vehicle in the US from 2015.

The new fuel cell car will be powered by a production version of the drivetrain used in the FCV Concept. The fuel stack is said to develop around 100kW of power and deliver around 300 miles (480km) of range. Refuelling time is estimated to take between three and five minutes.

It’s not known yet what the new car will look like, what it will be called nor how much it will cost, although Toyota does promise that it will be affordable. The car will initially be available in California, as that state has committed US$200 million to building new hydrogen infrastructure, including 20 new refuelling stations by 2015. Currently there are only 10 hydrogen filling stations in the state.

While the FCV Concept is extravagantly styled and just a little bit awkward to look at, the production car will likely be a little more run-of-the-mill even though Toyota claims that it will “make a statement”. During testing and development Toyota has used the camouflaged shell of the Lexus HS250 sedan (below).

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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