Top 5 Australian car TV ads for this Australia Day

For Australia Day 2014 we thought we’d bring together some of the best and most memorable TV ads for Australian cars.

So sit back and be amazed at how times have changed. Also note how much more gratuitous T&A advertisers could get away with back in the “good old days”.

Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars

Many of a certain age would identify this as one of the classic Australian car ads, but, as with so much of our television, it’s actually stolen (sorry, improved) from a Chevrolet ad extolling the virtues of baseball, hot dogs, meat pies and Chevrolet. Heck, there was even a South African version about braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet.

Classic Ford Australia ads

Okay this one’s a bit of cheat because it contains tonnes of old school Ford Australia ads. The 10 minute selection below covers everything from Escort through Cortina to, of course, the Falcon.

Chrysler encourages you to shout “Hey Charger!” at randoms

The volume level on this video is a bit low, so you’ll need to turn it up a notch or three.

Mitsubishi considered every blade grass to make the Magna

To introduce its all new second generation TR Magna in 1991, Mitsubishi went all out with a series of high-concept Mr. Plow-style ads likening the design process for the new car to a philosopher considering every single blade of grass. The ad below is a little more straightforward, but earlier ads in the series (which we’re unable to find online) were a little more mystifying.

Toyota Camry chicken

Before Toyota became the undisputed king of Aussie roads, it did a lot of cute advertising centred around plush toys you could actually buy in a dealership. There was the RAV4 camel, Corolla bull and, of course, the Camry chicken.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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