F56 Mini hatch previewed by Mini Vision: more subtle evolution

It’s another case of subtle evolution for the Mini, with the third generation Mini hatch to feature familiar looks atop a new mechanical package.

Strip away some of the concept car details, such as the outlandish wing mirror design, concealed door handles, grey wheelarch flares, Union Jack-style door inserts, and disco-themed interior lighting, and you have the next generation Mini hatchback.

Seeing as the Mini Vision is a teaser for the real thing, which will debut before year’s end, BMW hasn’t given very many details regarding the car’s juicier details, such as engines, dimensions, weight and so forth.

The Mini Vision features full LED headlights with outer ring operating as daytime running lights, which will likely feature on up-spec models of the next Mini. We can expect to see the large Countryman-style tail-lights intact for the production hatch.

On the inside the overall design theme will carry through to the production car, with the centrally mounted speedo (or tacho, depending on country) eliminated. Both speedo and tacho will now be housed in a more conventional pod ahead of the driver, with the large circular space in the middle of the dash taken up by the car’s entertainment and nav display.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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