Mazda 3 Kuroi dress up pack starts at A$2,678: black is the new black

Mazda Australia has put together an all black dress up pack that’s available across the new Mazda 3 sedan and hatch range.

Update (4 Feb 2014): Full pricing details for the Kuroi kit on the 2.5-litre models has been added.

Credit: Mazda

Mazda 3 Kuroi
Mazda 3 Kuroi

The modification pack is dubbed Kuroi, which is Japanese for black. Appropriate, really, because the entire kit consists of jet black components. There’s 18-inch alloy wheels, a front spoiler, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and wing mirror covers. The boot lip spoiler seen in some of the pics above is not included in the Kuroi pack, but an additional extra.

All the components are available individually or as a complete dealer fitted set, and can be purchased regardless of whether you’re buying an entry level Neo or top shelf SP25 Astina. Pricing for the entire kit, including fitting, starts from A$2,678 on the SP25/SP25 GT/SP25 Astina sedan and A$2,741 on the SP25/SP25 GT/SP25 Astina hatch variants.

Prices on the 2-litre models are higher and vary more due to the upgrade necessary from the standard wheel size. On the 2.5-litre models the Kuroi’s blacked out alloys are just A$1,060 as the standard rims are also 18-inch in diameter. The black front spoiler is A$473, the wing mirror caps A$68 and the side skirts A$544; the rear diffuser/lower spoiler is A$533 on the sedan and A$596 for the hatch.

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