Man laps Manhattan in 24 minutes, uploads it to YouTube, is arrested

Christopher Tang lapped Manhattan in a record time of 24 minutes. To ensure that his record was recognised by all, he uploaded the dash cam video to YouTube, under the pseudonym AfroDuck Productions. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the public, he gave a few too many details.

Unlike previous record setters, he not only uploaded a video to YouTube, but gave the date of his record and the car he drove, his stock BMW Z4 manual.

These details allow the NYPD to use traffic camera footage to pin the lap on Tang. After confirming his identity the NYPD arrested their man and took away his Z4.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

Derek has a lifelong love for all things automotive, from the dullest Camry to record shattering Bugattis. Prior to starting up Between the Axles he was a reviewer for CNET Australia and the founding editor of its Car Technology channel. [Read more]