Lincoln MKC concept is a luxury Kuga/Escape that’s almost ready to go

At its hometown motor show, Ford’s luxury division has revealed the Lincoln MKC, a rebodied luxury version of the Ford Kuga/Escape SUV.

Although officially classed as a concept car, the Lincoln MKC Concept is pretty much the car that will eventually head into production; the telltale sign is the interior with its nice, but nothing-out-of-the-ordinary dash. Strip away some of the show car details, such as the lack of wing mirrors and exterior door handles, size down the alloy wheels a touch and remove the odd interior trim piece, and the MKC Concept and MKC that will head into showrooms will be nearly identical.

The MKC Concept features LED lighting everywhere, including for the slimline headlights, capacitive buttons for the centre stack, real wood trim flaked with small metal pieces and softly padded leather all around cabin that’s embroidered with the Lincoln star emblem. And, like the recent Fusion/Mondeo-based MKZ, the MKC Concept does away with a regular auto transmission shifter, replacing it with a vertically stacked series of buttons to the left the entertainment and navigation display.

Ford isn’t saying, yet, what engines will power the MKC, but if we were betting types, we’d put a hefty wager on the 2-litre EcoBoost turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine, and maybe the smaller 1.6-litre version.


As we’ve detailed below, the MKC Concept (and likely the real-life MKC) is slightly larger than the Kuga/Escape that it’s based on, although it is lower overall

Wheelbase: 2,717mm (106.9in) — +27mm over the Kuga/Escape
Length: 4,550mm (179.3in) — +26mm
Width: 1,933mm (76.1in) — +94mm
Height: 1,607mm (63.2in) — -77mm

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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