LF Hyundai Sonata debuts new duller, more professional look in larger car

As the earlier sketches indicated, the new LF Hyundai Sonata is a much more conservative beast compared to its YF predecessor.

In Australia the YF Sonata was sold as the i45 and withdrawn from the market in favour of the smaller i40 early in 2013.

Compared to the YF Sonata/i45, the new LF Sonata is bigger in every way. In Korea it will be powered by a choice of two petrol motors: a 124kW/201Nm 2-litre and a 142kW/247Nm direct injection 2.4-litre. Over in its homeland there will also be the option a 111kW/194Nm 2-litre LPG fueled engine. These engines can be hooked up to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed auto driving the front wheels.

Tech available on the new LF Sonata includes radar guided cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, kick-to-open boot, an airbag for the driver’s knee and heated rear seats.

The new YF Sonata will go on sale in Australia during the second half of 2014.


Length: 4,855mm (+35mm compared to YF Sonata/i45)
Height: 1,475mm (+5mm)
Width: 1,865mm (+30mm)
Wheelbase: 2,805mm (+10mm)
Boot capacity: 462L (SAE), 510L (VDA)

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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