Lexus LF-NX concept previews X1/Q3-fighting SUV; probably RAV4-based

Ahead of its public unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lexus has revealed the LF-NX concept car, which, in an exaggerated way, shows us what it’s upcoming smaller-than-RX SUV will look like.

If our sources are correct the new BMW X1/Audi Q3 rival will be dubbed NX. When fleshed out the NX range will likely feature a 4-cylinder petrol engine, a 4-cylinder petrol hybrid, probably a 4-cylinder turbo-diesel, and maybe a V6 petrol.

What isn’t in doubt, though, is that a LF-NX-style is in Lexus near future, albeit with styling substantially toned down from the LF-NX concept car.

Lexus isn’t saying much about what’s driving the LF-NX, except to say that it’s a hybrid. The interior of the Lexus LF-NX is pretty much all concept car fantasy. Although the general shape of the dash and centre console may be indicative of the production NX. It’s likely the touchpad in the centre console will make its way into the NX’s Remote Touch controller in some shape.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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