Lexus LF-CC concept car hints at a new hybrid IS coupe

According to Lexus, the LF-CC concept car points not only to the styling of the company’s next generation 3-Series/C-Class/A4 fighter, but also to a new body style for the IS range: a coupe (at long last).

Being a Lexus concept car, it’s no great surprise to hear that there’s a hybrid drivetrain lurking underneath the skin. In this case, it features a 2.5-litre petrol engine with direct injection and Atkinson cycle technology mated to a set of electric motors, and should consume less than 4.3L/100km in official testing. According to Lexus, this hybrid setup will soon be available on other Lexus models.

Painted in “fluid titanium” paint, the exterior of the LF-CC features 3-LED projector headlights and lots of sharply styled elements. The company talks at length about the interior and how it’s split into an upper display area and a lower operational zone, but has yet to issue any photos.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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