Lamborghini Egoista concept is a single seater 50th birthday present to self

As part of a gala to mark Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, the company has unveiled the single-seat Egoista supercar concept.

It looks every bit a Lamborghini, but it’s a bit odd, isn’t it? As it only needs to sit the driver, the Egoista is narrow supercar — we’re not exactly sure how narrow though. Powered by a 447kW (600hp) 5.2-litre V10 the Egoista should be properly quick, but Lamborghini hasn’t revealed exact performance figures yet.

Inspired by fighter jets the cabin is fashioned like a plane cockpit with a flip-up canopy through which the driver enters and exits. While the Egoista’s cockpit can’t be ejected in an emergency, it can be removed allowing for easier customisation and tailoring to the driver’s needs and body shape. Indeed, Lamborghini envisions a scenario where the cockpit could be lifted out and fitted to a fighter jet, and vice versa.

Clad in the usual mixture of leather, aluminium and carbon fibre, the Egoista’s interior requires the driver to remove the steering wheel and place it on the dash when exiting.

As you’d expect, the Egoista is fashioned out of aluminium, carbon fibre and other weight saving materials. The exterior not only features an outrageously proportioned body replete with signature Lamborghini slashes, sharp angles and contrasts, but also xenon headlights and eagle’s eyes that scan that road ahead hidden into the front air vents. Unlike regular cars which feature marker lights only the front and rear, and in the US sides, the Egoista has different coloured lights all over its body.

What does Egoista mean? Egoista is Italian for selfish. Apt, really.

Will they build it? Maybe. Who knows? if they do, it could be a successor of sorts to McLaren F1.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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