Kia Cub isn’t quite the four-door coupe concept we were expecting

Lost in the shenanigans that was the 2013 New York Auto Show, another motor show was taking place at roughly the same time in Seoul. This is where Kia decided to debut its Cub concept car.

Like the Provo concept car that was revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Cub is theoretically targetting the high-end hatch buyer (think about those people running around in Minis, basically). Unlike the Provo, though, the Cub is a five-door hatchback with rather more sedate and less masculine styling; it’s still pleasing to the eye, nonetheless.

Under the bonnet there’s, supposedly, a turbocharged 1.6-litre direct injection engine with 150kW of power and 265Nm of torque. This, if you’ve been keeping up with things is the Hyundai/Kia performance engine choice du jour, also powers the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo and the Kia Cee’d/Pro_cee’d GT.

The Cub’s fantasy cabin is minimalist with vents that open and close via touch sensor, and an entertainment system driven by the gestures made by the driver. Inside there’s seating for four, hence (probably) the coupe designation.

Kia is saying quite firmly at the moment that there are no plans to put the Cub into production.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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