Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top concept mixes canvas convertible with ute

Those who have craved Hyundai quirky Veloster, but secretly hoped to get themselves a convertible instead, will be chuffed to see the latest concept car from Hyundai, which is in essence a convertible Veloster.

For the C3 Roll Top concept car, Hyundai replaced the regular car’s metal roof with a sliding soft top made from re-purposed industrial truck tarps. In addition, the company has given the rear hatch the old heave-ho and in its stead is a fold down ute-style tailgate. The boot area and seat backs are lined with tiles made from old skateboards.

As the tarp top rolls rolls both forwards and backwards, the C3 Roll Top can function as either a conventional convertible or, with the top rolled forwards, be rather like a ute.

Under the bonnet is the 1.6-litre turbocharged direct-injection engine similar to the one found in the SR Turbo which boasts 150kW of power and 265Nm of torque.

C3, incidentally, stands for Convertible 3-door as Americans typically don’t count the rear hatch as a door.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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