Hyundai launches i20 WRC, announces N performance brand

Hyundai has revealed its entrant in the 2014 World Rally Champsionship, the i20 WRC, as well as announcing that N will be performance sub-brand, much like M is to BMW, AMG to Mercedes-Benz, S/RS are to Audi, V to Cadillac and F to Lexus.

No word yet on which Hyundai models will gain hotted up N performance models. Nor is there any word on what type of technologies will the N cars will employ (turbocharging, all-wheel drive, hybrid?).

In Australia, the local Hyundai arm has been toying with around the SR badge. It was first applied to the turbocharged Veloster, branded as the Veloster SR Turbo in Australia. Then came the locally developed i30 SR, which featured suspension and handling tweaks to go with the more powerful 129kW/209Nm 2-litre direct injection engine. And most recently there’s been the Accent SR, which focuses more on handling than outright power and performance.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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