Hyundai discontinues i45 due to strong demand in other markets

Citing hot demand for the Hyundai i45/Sonata in other markets, Hyundai Australia has withdrawn the Camry-class sedan from sale in Australia.

According to Hyundai priority has been given to the North America and Middle East markets as far as the i45 production and supply goes. Remaining local supplies of the i45 are likely to be heading into the arms of government and corporate buyers.

Hyundai Australia, naturally, is suggesting that anyone interested in an i45 take a look at the i40 range instead. Despite being smaller, the i40 is available in both wagon and sedan body styles, and, because it’s aimed primarily at the European market, has a higher quality interior and drives more engagingly. Oh, and it’s available with a choice of either a 100kW/320Nm 1.7-litre turbo-diesel or 131kW/214Nm 2-litre direct injection petrol engine.

The i40 sedan and wagon range was recently updated, with sat nav now available in both body styles in the mid-range Elite and top-of-the-range Premium models.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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