Honda MC-β: a tiny 2-seat EV in the mould of Renault’s Twizy

The diminutive two-seat Honda MC-β EV runabout has been developed with densely populated Japan and Europe in mind, and will, no doubt, have many thinking about the rather cuter Renault Twizy.

To keep weight (and cost) down, the MC-β is exceptionally short (it’s way more mini than today’s Mini) and features a pipe frame body clad with outer panels made from plastic. All up the MC-β weighs less than 400kg — Honda has yet to say how much it weighs — but it should fit into Europe L7 category, which is in the motorcycle class.

The MC-β seats just two, with the passenger’s seat staggered and offset slightly behind the driver’s. The electric motor is rated at 6kW of power, although it’s maximum output is listed as 11kW. Top speed is said to be in excess of 70km/h, while the lithium-ion batteries are said to provide a range of over 80km.

Charging can be done via a regular outlet, with charging taking under three hours from 200V socket. Charging time balloons out to around seven hours from a 100V port.

No word yet on how much the MC-β might cost, or when it might go on sale in Europe or Japan.


Length: 2,495mm
Width: 2,800mm
Height: 1,545mm

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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