Honda Concept M points the way to the next Elysion MPV, maybe

Honda has unveiled a concept people mover in Shanghai, rather unimaginatively dubbed Concept M. This according to Honda points to a new value-for-money MPV specifically for the Chinese market.

What is it? According to Honda the most popular people movers in China are vans with seats bolted on. Without a van range of its own Honda is instead developing a cost-down car based people mover.

Will it be sold elsewhere? Like, say, Australia? Australia, no. Elsewhere, probably. Cars are expensive to develop, so it’s likely that the car will be sold elsewhere. Most likely this will be in Asia, especially in countries, like Indonesia, where MPVs are exceptionally popular.

What’s an Elysion? It’s a large MPV that’s sold in Japan, China and much of Asia. If you remember the film Gladiator you’ll probably remember the phrase “Elysian fields”. Elysian is adjectival form of the Ancient Greek word Elysian or heaven. So, we’re guessing, some people see the Elysion as heavenly. (The gallery below is of the current Honda Elysion.)

It looks a little odd? The Elysion that is. Yes, as with its competitors the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand, the Elysion is long and tall, as you’d expect out of big people mover. They’re all narrow, though, because Japan taxes cars over 1.7 metres wide punitively.

What makes you think the Concept M may be the next Elysion? The Elysion’s getting a bit long in the tooth. It was first introduced way back in 2004.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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