Honda Civic wagon to debut in Geneva

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Honda will unveil a wagon concept version of its UK-produced Civic hatchback. Like the hatch, it’s likely to feature the company’s innovative fold flat and fold forward rear Magic Seats.

Credit: Honda

Honda Civic wagon concept sketch 2013

Going on Honda’s recent form, this will be a close-to-production concept car that will differ only slightly from the car that will eventually end up in showrooms. Details present on the, as yet, unseen show car will likely include larger-than-production alloy wheels, trick head- and tail-lights, exclusive trim for the interior, an unusual paint tone and, perhaps, some fanciful interior tech kit.

At the very least the Civic wagon should look better than the ungainly hatchback.

No word yet on whether the wagon will be making the long journey into Australian showrooms.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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