Honda Civic Tourer: Euro wagon not coming to Australia

Honda has unveiled a wagon version of its European built and design Civic hatchback, but unfortunately it’s unlikely to join the hatch on sale in Australia.

The new Civic variant features a lengthened body behind the rear wheels to significantly boost cargo capacity. The new wagon also features a lowered loading lip and storage space for the roll away cargo blind. In what’s claimed to be a world first, the Civic Tourer features an adaptive damper system for the rear to cope with various types of driving and loads.

Like the hatchback, and the Jazz that the Euro Civics are based on, the Civic Tourer has “magic” rear seats that not only split fold 60:40, but also fold flat, recline, flip up and tip forward.

According to reports there are no plans to bring the Civic Tourer down under, despite a revised version of the Civic hatch scheduled to arrive here in the first quarter of 2014.

Dimensions, space

Length: 4,520mm
Width: 1,770mm
Height: 1,440mm
Boot space (seats up): 624L (+147L)
Boot space (seats down): 1668L (+290L)
Load height: 565mm (-137mm)

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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