Holden Commodore name to survive after 2016; may be front-wheel drive

At a media event unveiling the new VF Commodore (images and info are embargoed until after the car is officially unveiled on 10 Feb), the company revealed that the Commodore name will live on after current rear-wheel drive car goes out of production, sometime around 2016.

Speaking to the assembled media Holden general manager, Mike Devereux, said that Holden “will launch another Commodore after this one”. He then refused to say whether the car would be front-, rear- or all-wheel drive, whether it will feature a V8 engine or, even, if it will be a tradition sedan.

Other media sources have already begun to dub the next Commodore-badged car the “VJ” as it is the next available letter set after VF that hasn’t been used. Although if the next Commodore is switched from rear- to front-wheel drive, the company may opt for a different code structure. And let’s not forget that VJ still means Victory over Japan (Day) in some minds.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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