Google Maps returns to iOS, world rejoices

Updated (Fri Dec 14): In the initial article we incorrectly stated that Google Maps for iOS doesn’t include turn-by-turn navigation. It does.

At the launch of iOS 6, the operating system the powers iPhone and iPad devices, Apple decided to ditch long-term map provider Google for its own in-house solution. Unfortunately Apple discovered way too late that creating a reliable and accurate set of maps is a huge undertaking.

Today, though, Google had its Google Maps app approved to the iOS App Store, allowing users to access pretty much the same functionality that they enjoyed with iOS 5 and before.

Like the Google Maps app available to Android users, the iOS app includes turn-by-turn navigation. On the iOS app, this feature is activated by tapping the direction arrows in the search box. Unlike nav on the Apple Maps app, the feature isn’t restricted to newer iPhone or iPad models, it’s available on any iOS device that has a GPS receiver — including our ancient iPhone 3GS.

The Google Maps is available now for free on the App Store.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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