FPV to close in 2014 when Ford Falcon is facelifted for the last time?

Hot on the heels of news from News.com.au that Ford might bring in the next generation Mustang as a rear-wheel drive performance replacement of sorts for the Falcon in 2016, is a report from the rival Sydney Morning Herald that Ford Australia’s performance arm, FPV, might close in 2014 when the Falcon is upgraded for the last time.

According to the report from the Fairfax stables FPV will close its doors and stop selling vehicles when the final Falcon upgrade goes on sale in 2014.

This will likely save the company a wedge of cash, by not developing FPV versions, as it prepares for the not insignificant costs of changing from a local manufacturer to purely an import business — production sites need to remediated and sold, workers entitlements paid off, and equipment and facilities sold. While the move, if it transpires, no doubt makes sense financially, it will leave the Falcon without one glorious muscle swansong — the much rumoured GTHO revival.

To make partially make amends the XR8 could be revived for the final Falcon facelift — currently there are no V8-badged Ford Falcon models, all V8 versions are sold as FPVs.

Source: Drive.com.au

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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