Ford Mustang coming to Australia to replace Falcon in 2016

Update (Fri Dec 6, 2013): This report has now been well and truly confirmed. We’ve updated this story with pics of the new sixth generation Ford Mustang that arrives in Oz from late 2015. You can still find pics of the outgoing fifth generation model at the bottom of the article.

According to a report on, Ford will soon confirm that Australia will receive the next generation Mustang in V8 form as a rear-wheel drive replacement of sorts for the Ford Falcon, which will cease production in 2016.

The article on states that global sales chief Jim Farley will deliver the news in person on August 2013. It’s believed that Australia will receive the next generation Mustang in V8 form.

As the Ford Australia’s sole rear-wheel drive vehicle after the demise of the locally produced Falcon, the car will be its spiritual successor.

The next generation Mustang will be revealed at next year’s New York Auto Show for the nameplate’s 50th anniversary. The new car is likely to feature a range of engines including the usual V8 and V6 options, as well as a turbocharged 4-cylinder.

If the report is correct the Mustang will be priced around the A$50,000 mark and the 4-cylinder engine is unlikely to surface in Australia, at least initially.

Also making a debut on the next-gen Mustang is independent rear suspension, which should greatly improve its high-speed and at-limit handling attributes.


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Derek Fung

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