Ford Everest Concept hopes to scale the heights of sales charts

Ford has unveiled the Australian designed and engineered Ford Everest, a 7-seat SUV based on the Ranger ute. Unfortunately, if initial reports are to be believed, there are no plans to sell the Everest in Australia.

Ford isn’t saying much about too much about the Everest’s specifics, but it’s likely to follow the template laid out by the previous generation model, also based on the equivalent Ranger ute. Unlike the previous Everest, the new model features softer styling that Ford hopes will appeal more to middle class families across Asia, Central America and Africa.

Based on previous experience, the Everest will be sold in both rear- and four-wheel drive versions. Buyers will likely be able to choose between a 2.5-litre petrol engine or, if turbo-diesels are more their fancy, either a 2.2-litre 4-cylinder or 3.2-litre 5-cylinder.

Given the sheer size of the Ranger and, now, the Everest, we’d be surprised if Ford didn’t again offer the option of 7 seats — an important selling point in the Everest’s key markets across the developing world.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

Derek has a lifelong love for all things automotive, from the dullest Camry to record shattering Bugattis. Prior to starting up Between the Axles he was a reviewer for CNET Australia and the founding editor of its Car Technology channel. [Read more]