First Bentley SUV teased: front end obscured by desert sand

Bentley has released the first teaser image ahead of the reveal of its first SUV.

Credit: Bentley

New Bentley SUV front-end teaser spraying desert everywhere

The, as-yet unnamed SUV, is simply referred to as the Bentley SUV by the company, and has gone by the name Project Falcon during development. Engines, features and pricing are all yet to be confirmed, but it’s believed that the car will share parts with the Porsche Cayenne and any future Lamborghini SUV.

We’re all hoping that the new Bentley SUV won’t be as ugly as the EXP 9F concept car (below). While the Bentley SUV seems to share the same grille as the EXP 9F, the new SUV does feature quad headlights and does away with the gills that bestride the EXP 9F’s grille.

The new Bentley SUV will go on sale, in Europe at least, during 2016 and will be built at Bentley’s Crewe, UK, factory.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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