Facelifted Mercedes-Benz E-Class is smoother, loses quad headlights

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the facelifted version of the W212 E-Class, which after three and a half generations ditches the quad headlight setup in favour of something more inline with the rest of the family.

The facelifted E-Class features a revised interior, which should be a little more pleasant to the touch, and range of tech that’s new to the E-Class range.

Key amongst the new features is a set of stereoscopic cameras mounted high on the windscreen which scans the road ahead, feeding info into a variety of safety systems that can read road signs and detect pedestrians. Combined with a revised radar system, the new E-Class features active lane keeping assistance, active cruise control, automatic high beams, automated parking and surround view.

The revised range features active engine start/stop across the entire lineup. Direct injection has been added to the range of V6 and V8 petrol engines. Power is sent to the rear wheels via either a 6-speed manual transmission (which is very unlikely to surface in Australia) and 7-speed auto.

A 7-inch high-res display is the focal point of the Comand entertainment and nav system that is internet-enabled, providing you pair it up to a supported smartphone.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

Derek has a lifelong love for all things automotive, from the dullest Camry to record shattering Bugattis. Prior to starting up Between the Axles he was a reviewer for CNET Australia and the founding editor of its Car Technology channel. [Read more]