Facelifted Lexus LS adds aggro, 12.3-inch screen

Lexus has just revealed a facelifted version of its fourth generation LS limousine. The newly revised features new front- and rear-end styling featuring L-shaped brake lights and the company’s now signature spindle grille.

Revisions on the inside include a dashboard that’s been revamped to house the same mammoth 12.3-inch high resolution screen from the all new GS sedan. The climate control system now emits Nanoe particles into the car — these 50nm particles are negative ions wrapped in water particles are said to attach themselves to odours and remove them from the car.

In the more useless, but equally gee whiz category, is a new analog-faced clock that, thanks to being linked to the car’s GPS electronics, automatically updates the time whenever you drive across a time zone. There’s also a blind spot monitoring, LED headlights on hybrid models and automatic high beams.

The model range will include an F-Sport model for the first time, in addition to the regular LS460 and LS600h hybrid. The car is set to be released in Australia either at the tail end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. Price and specifications have yet to be announced.


Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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