F26 BMW X4 is the less practical X3 few will want

We’re not entirely sure who wants an SUV that’s not particularly good at any of the SUV things, except having extra ride height. But, you know, if those people want the not-SUV SUV in a size smaller than the X6, there’s now the BMW X4.

Despite the sloping “coupe” roofline, and the deeply dished not-quite bucket seats in the rear, the X4 seats five.

The BMW X4 will initially feature three diesel engine choices: 140kW/400Nm xDrive20d, 190kW/560Nm xDrive30d and 230kW/630Nm xDrive35d. There will also be three petrol motors to choose from: 135kW/270Nm xDrive20i, 180kW/350Nm xDrive25i and 225kW/400Nm xDrive35i. All X4 models will come with all-wheel drive, and be a smidgen quicker and faster than their X3 counterparts.

Available equipment on the X4 range includes LED headlights, 18- to 20-inch alloy wheels, an entertainment and nav system with the new iDrive Touch controller, kick-to-open boot, automatic high beams, head-up display, and streaming music app connectivity.


Length: 4,671mm (+19mm compared to the BMW X3)
Width: 1,881mm (-3mm)
Height: 1,624mm (-89mm)
Wheelbase: 2,810mm (unchanged)
Ground clearance: 204mm (-20mm)
Boot capacity (seats up; seats down): 500L (-50L); 1,400L (-100L)

Diesel engine options

xDrive20d xDrive30d xDrive35d
Power 140kW 190kW 230kW
Torque 400Nm 560Nm 630Nm
0-100km/h 8.0s 5.8s 5.2s
Top speed 212km/h 234km/h 247km/h
Fuel economy 5.2L/10km 5.9L/100km 6L/100km
CO2 emissions 143g/km 156g/km 157g/km
Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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