F22 BMW 2-Series coupe leaked: M235i coupe looks the goods

After website Autoweek broke the embargo on photos of the F22 BMW 2-Series coupe, ahead of its official launch at next January’s Detroit Motor Show, BMW has unleashed a full set of official photos.

The new F22 2-Series coupe is based on the current generation F20/F21 1-Series hatchbacks, and will replace the E82 1-Series that’s currently on sale around the globe.

Like the F20/F21 that it’s based on the 2-Series features a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. And, as such, will likely share its engine lineup with the 1-Series hatch. As such, the petrol engine range should include the 75kW/180Nm 214i, 100kW/220Nm 216i, 125kW/250Nm 218i, 160kW/310Nm 225i and 235kW/450Nm M235i (pictured in red, above).

As far as diesel motors go, expect to be able to choose from 70kW/235Nm 214d, 85kW/260Nm 216d, 105kW/320Nm 218d, 135kW/380Nm 220d and 160kW/450Nm 225d.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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