F10/F11 BMW 5-Series facelift brings Ford Kuga-style kick-to-open boot

To call the BMW 5-Series subtle is, well, being very kind. Only the most dedicated BMW aficionado will notice the mildly restyled bumpers, grille and tail-lights.

Rather more important than the blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em visual changes is that the list of standard kit has grown with xenon headlights now standard (at least in Europe), while adaptive LED lights and LED fog lights now optional.

Like the much cheaper Ford Kuga SUV, the updated 5-Series can be ordered with a hands-free tailgate that detects a kicking motion under the rear bumper. Assuming you have the proximity entry key fob on you, the car will then open the boot automatically, saving you from having to, say, put down your luggage or shopping.

Other tech that’s debuting on the revised F10 5-Series sedan and F11 wagon is the ability to shut down and disengage the engine whenever the car is coasting on a flat road or going downhill. Allied with the brake energy recovery system, improved aerodynamics and the ability to see upcoming speed limit changes should lead to a slightly more efficient vehicle than before. All Euro-market diesels come standard with an AdBlue exhaust system to minimise the emission of harmful pollutants.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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