Electric Volkswagen E-Up boasts 150km of driving range

Volkswagen will debut the latest version of diminutive Up at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show: an all-electric version dubbed the E-Up and which boasts a driving range of 150km.

The E-Up features an electric motor that can manage a peak power output of 60kW — continuous power is rated at 40kW, mind you — and is able to churn out 210Nm of torque from the moment it starts spinning. Energy storage is provided by a set of lithium-ion batteries that are able to store 18.7 kilowatt-hours.

On a full charge these batteries — “easily” in Volkswagen’s words — give the E-Up a range of 150km. With a (presumably) fast charger the batteries can be restored 80 percent of their full charge in just 30 minutes. They do however add quite a bit of weight to the Up. A regular petrol-engined Up weighs around 880kg, while the E-Up tips the scales at 1,185kg, a significant 305kg increase. Most of this, we presume, is thanks to the battery pack.

That said, the E-Up is still light in electric car terms. The bigger Nissan Leaf weighs in at 1,580kg, while the award winning and larger again Tesla Model S clocks in at around 2,100kg. Needless to say the added weight hampers performance somewhat. The 0 to 100km/h standard is done and dusted in under 14 seconds, while top speed is 135km/h.

Naturally the fuel filler has been replaced by a charging connector. If you want maximum outlet compatibility you’ll have to stump extra for the Combined Charging System port that works across automotive brands, and supports both DC and AC charging points.

No word yet on when the E-Up will head into showrooms, whether it’ll come to Australia and what premium it will have over the regular Up.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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