Datsun Go+ wagon seats 7, developed specifically for Indonesia

Datsun’s return is creeping ever closer to Australia with Nissan announcing that the brand’s new Go hatch and Go+ wagon/MPV will be produced and sold in Indonesia beginning in 2014.

The new Datsun Go+ wagon features a 22cm longer tail — all other dimensions are unchanged — compared to the Go hatch that was revealed earlier this year. While the car is unlikely to ever be nominated World’s Sexiest Car, the Go+ can be optioned with a third row of seats, bringing total (legal) seating places up to seven.

This is important in Indonesia, where people movers of all sizes are easily the most popular cars. Nissan says that the Go and Go+ will be powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine mated to a 5-speed manual. Tech features include a smartphone cradle and dock for the sound system, air conditioning, and electric front windows.

When the Datsun Go and Go+ go on sale in 2014, they will be priced under the 100 million rupiah mark (A$9,300). The significantly undercuts the longer and taller 155m rupiah (A$14,400) Toyota Avanza and even bigger 208m rupiah (A$19,800) Toyota Kijang Innova. Both of these body-on-frame MPVs regularly top the sales charts in Indonesia.


Length: 3,995mm (+220mm compared to Datsun Go hatch)
Width: 1,635mm (unchanged)
Height: 1,485mm (unchanged)
Wheelbase: 2,450mm (unchanged)

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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