Daihatsu FC凸Deck concept: funny name for fuel cell kei-size semi-trailer

The tiny Daihatsu FC Deck concept looks like the front cab of a semi-trailer, except that it’s been shrunk down to kei car proportions.

From our best interpretation of Daihatsu’s supplied info the FC Deck is powered by a fuel cell that combines stored hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen to produce water and electricity that powers an electric motor. The supposed fuel cell explains the FC part of its name, while the 凸 kanji symbol is an approximation of the car’s shape and logo symbol, which you can see in the gallery above.

The FC Deck measures just 3,395mm long and 1,475mm wide, meaning that it fits within the Japanese government’s kei car regulations. It’s taller than the tallest kei hatch, though, standing at a NBA-player rivalling 1,985mm high. No word yet on how much weight the rear deck can stand and whether it’s able to haul a kei-sized trailer.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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