Citroen DS Wild Rubis: silly name, lovely SUV concept

It’s another casualty of the Ministry of Silly Names, but the Citroen DS Wild Rubis concept car actually looks excellent. And that’s even though it’s purple — technically it’s ruby red, but it’s very purple in the shade — and an SUV.

Citroen’s stylish and upscale DS line of cars (DS3, DS4 and DS5) is hatchback heavy, which is fine for Europe where hatchbacks still rule. For new territories, especially a big one like China, where this concept will debut at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show, SUVs are the flavour du jour. And, if our recent trip to France is any guide, they’re increasingly popular in France too, especially the Dacia Duster.

The DS Wild Rubis previews the company’s forthcoming DS SUV. According to various sources the DS Wild Rubis, and its production successor (possibly dubbed DSX), use a version of the Citroen C5 platform, meaning that it should feature hydropneumatic suspension, at least on some models.

A plug-in hybrid drivetrain is said to lurk under the DS Wild Rubis’ skin, although specifics have yet to be confirmed. When the DS SUV makes it to production expect to see a slew of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines under its hood.


Length: 4,700mm
Width: 1,950mm
Height: 1,590mm
Wheelbase: 2,900mm

Note: these are provisional numbers; we’ll know more officially when the car is revealed in Shanghai.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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