Citroen Cactus hybrid concept stores energy in compressed air tank

Citroen’s Cactus concept previews an upcoming C4-based SUV, but naturally features a number of concept car touches, such as the HybridAir drivetrain and “air bump” cladding.

Citroen has fitted the Cactus concept with grey “air bump” nodules on the doors, and front and rear bumpers. These air inside the air bumps is meant to cushion parking and door opening blows, while the soft plastic used for the air bump is meant to be scratch resistant.

The Cactus concept has HybridAir drivetrain that pairs a petrol engine with compressed air tank that keeps and releases stored energy. According to Peugeot/Citroen HybridAir won’t be ready for production until 2016, at the earliest. The Citroen Cactus concept’s fuel economy is said to be just 3L/100km.

Take away some of the show car features, throw out the interior and tone down the styling a notch, and the Cactus is a pretty accurate preview of Citroen’s upcoming C4-based SUV. The styling cues seen on the Cactus concept will also be applied to Citroen’s future C-cars.


Length: 4,210mm
Width: 1,750mm
Height: 1,530mm

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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