Callaway AeroWagon concept: a C7 Corvette shooting brake conversion

Callaway Cars, a Chevrolet tuning and racing outfit, has unveiled an aftermarket conversion kit that transforms the C7 Chevrolet Corvette from a coupe into a shooting brake or three-door wagon.

The kit will cost US$15,000 in basic form, consisting of a completely new rear styling and a taller, more capacious rear hatch made out of carbon fibre. If you want the new components to be painted in your Corvette’s colour that will add US$1,500 to the price.

All the body work changes are done on the C7 Corvette’s rear section (hatch and hindquarters); no modifications are done to the car’s targa top. While the AeroWagon kit increases luggage capacity (Callaway isn’t saying how much yet), it doesn’t provide for any extra seating space. So, the Corvette remains a two person proposition for now.

Right now the AeroWagon conversion exists only in computer generated form, but Callaway expects to have real world prototypes by November 2013 and production units available from January 2014. Speaking to Carscoops, Callaway has confirmed that the changes rendered by the kit are (relatively) easily reversible.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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