Affordable wagons on sale in Australia

In a yet-to-be-podcasted episode of Gone in 120 Minutes, we talked at length about wagons and my love for them. Along with that there was a long and solemn lamentation that Australia has fallen out of love with wagons, with SUVs taking their place.

Gone are the heady days when almost every garden variety sedan or hatch had a wagon version. In fact, as far as affordable wagons go there are just 18 on sale today in Australia.

And looking through the list the large majority are from European brands. This isn’t because Europeans don’t love their SUVs — they do — many still want their practicality mixed in with a bit handling verve. Even the wagons available in Australia that don’t wear a Euro badge are either made in Europe or targetted at Europeans.

Enough pontificating, here’s the list.

  Starting price Luggage space
(seats up / seats down)
Citroen C5 A$35,990 505L* / 1,462L VDA
Ford Mondeo A$33,340 1,005L† / 2,163L SAE
Holden Commodore A$41,990 895L† / 2,000L SAE
Holden Cruze A$25,790 686L† / 1,478L SAE
Hyundai i30 A$22,990 528L / 1,642L VDA
Hyundai i40 A$31,990 506L* / 1,672L VDA
Mazda 6 A$34,760 510L / 1,702L VDA
Opel Astra A$27,990 500L* / 1,550L VDA
Opel Insignia A$40,490 500L* / 1,530L VDA
Peugeot 207 A$26,990 428L* / 1,433L VDA
Peugeot 308 A$31,990 674L* / 2,149L VDA
Peugeot 508 A$42,490 612L† / 1,817L VDA
Skoda Fabia A$20,990 480L / 1,460L VDA
Skoda Octavia A$26,990 580L / 1,620L VDA
Skoda Superb A$40,990 633L† / 1,865L VDA
Subaru Liberty A$34,990 490L* / 1,690L VDA
Volkswagen Golf A$26,990 505L / 1,495L VDA
Volkswagen Passat A$40,990 603L / 1,731L VDA

* Seat down volume measured up to the cargo bay slider only.
† Seat down volume measured up to the ceiling.

Are the volume measurements reliable?

The short answer is: yes and no. Let us explain…

Yes, if you’re just looking at the seat down volume measurements (the second one). These we believe (but haven’t been able to confirm for all the cars listed above) are measured for the entire luggage area from floor to ceiling, and from the inside of the tailgate to the front seatbacks.

No, if you’re looking only at the volume measurements in the boot area only (the first listed measurement). As noted by the * and † sometimes volumes are quoted up to the cargo slider, while at other times boot volume is measured up to the ceiling. Quite often car companies don’t tell us how they’ve done their estimation, but we can deduce usually how they’re doing things based on the figures for the sedan and hatch versions.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

Derek has a lifelong love for all things automotive, from the dullest Camry to record shattering Bugattis. Prior to starting up Between the Axles he was a reviewer for CNET Australia and the founding editor of its Car Technology channel. [Read more]