9th gen Honda Accord Hybrid has Li-ion batteries, EV mode

Based, in large part, on the plug-in hybrid Accord (not available in Australia), the new Honda Accord Hybrid boasts lithium-ion batteries, a full hybrid system, and promises class leading fuel economy.

On the outside the Accord Hybrid wears blue badges (surprise, surprise!), boot lid spoiler, unique alloy wheels and LED daytime driving lights. Under the skin the new Accord Hybrid features a new Atkinson-cycle 2-litre petrol engine, a 124kW electric motor and lithium ion battery pack.

Honda claims a fuel economy rating of 4.8L/100km (49mpg) in the city, 5.2L/100km (45mpg) on the highway, and 5L/100km (47mpg) overall. This betters the Toyota Camry Hybrid’s figures in the US by quite some margin: 5.5L/100km (43mpg) in the city, 6L/100km (39mpg) on the highway, and 5.7L/100km (41mpg) combined.

The new system allows for electric-only motoring, as well as hybrid and petrol-only modes. This is unlike the previous Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system, which operated more like a glorified automatic engine start/stop system than the silent running hybrid systems seen on Toyotas and Lexuses.

The new Honda Accord Hybrid goes on sale in the USA from October 2013. Until then we won’t know the car’s pricing, nor specifics, such as the storage capacity of the battery pack or the precise outputs of the petrol engine. No word yet on whether the Accord Hybrid will be coming to Australia, although it seems unlikely as the new Accord Hybrid will built in the US and Australia-bound Accords hail from Thailand.

Honda Accord Hybrid vs. Toyota Camry Hybrid

  Honda Accord Hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid
Electric motor power / torque 124kW / ? 105kW / 270Nm
Battery type Lithium-ion Nickle metal hydride
Petrol engine size 2-litre 2.5-litre
Petrol engine power / torque ? 118kW / 213Nm
Total system power ? 151kW
US fuel economy 5L/100km 5.7L/100km
Aus fuel economy 4.6L/100km † 5.2L/100km

† Estimate based on US results.

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