351kW Ford Falcon GT to be FPV’s swansong prior to closure: report

According to a report by Andrew Maclean in the Sydney Morning Herald, FPV will release a limited edition 351kW Falcon GT prior to closing later this year.

Ford Performance Vehicles will close later this year when the final facelift for the locally produced, designed and engineered Ford Falcon is released.

Prior to that, though, FPV is said to sign off with one final limited edition hurrah and this Falcon GT will carry the famous 351 badge on it. In the 1970s, that badge referred to the Falcon GT’s engine capacity in cubic inches — it works out to 5.75 litres, if you’re unsure.

For the final Falcon GT, as with the current FPV Falcon GT range, the 351 badge will be a signifier of engine output: 351kW of poweeerrrrrrr. If the report rings true, the final FPV will be the fastest car ever to wear a Falcon badge. For the record, the current top-spec Falcon GT-P (pictured above) has 335kW and manages to complete the 0 to 100km/h sprint in 4.7 seconds.

It’s expected that the final FPV Falcon GT will get all the goodies that FPV can offer, including Brembo brakes and knuckled down suspension derived from the R-Spec.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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