2nd gen Ford S-Max Concept: a low-riding MPV with heart rate monitor

Ford has given us a first look at the concept car that previews the second generation S-Max people mover, which will debut at this September’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Credit: Ford

Ford S-Max Concept

The S-Max Concept features a heart rate monitor for the driver’s seat that can detect an emergency situation and contact emergency services if necessary, as well as glucose monitoring for children sitting the rear seats that can warn parents of any diabetic episodes.

Also present on the S-Max Concept are OLED (organic LED) headlights, a leather wrapped dashboard, carbon fibre highlights around the interior, thin-shell seats, and three rows of seating. The entertainment and nav system is fitted out with Sync smartphone and app connectivity, a MyFord Touch touchscreen with dual-view display that can show, say, navigation to the driver and music options to the passenger, and a tablet dock for the rear seats.

Ford isn’t saying too much about the concept car’s oily bits right now, except that the S-Max Concept is powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine, probably very similar to the 82kW/140Nm unit seen in the WZ Fiesta. It’s probably also safe to assume that the forthcoming second generation S-Max people mover will be based on the Ford Mondeo/Fusion.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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