2014 Super Bowl XLVIII car ads: watch them all here

Monday morning Australian time, a lot of America will be tuning into the country’s major watercooler event: the Super Bowl.

With rules intricate enough to make a theoretical physicist whimper and enough time outs to last until the death of the universe, it’s not an event that’s easily digestible for those of us born and bred outside of the United States. That said, there is one thing that everyone loves about the Super Bowl and that’s the ads.

Seeing as international broadcasts cut out the big money US ads that get their day in the sun on Super Bowl Sunday, here’s a handy compilation of all the auto ads that will air during the festival of (American) football. We’ll update this list as more ads are released.

Audi A3/S3

Promoting its new S3 sedan, the Doberhuahua ad is a piece campaigning against compromise and will surely be a favourite of politicians everywhere…

Chevrolet Silverado

Americans love pickup trucks and sexy time, so why not combine that into one ad involving bovines? Thanks, but no thanks.

It’s hard for to make jokes about corporations when they’re supporting cancer research.

Chrysler 200

Remember when Chrysler did that wonderful Imported from Detroit ad with Eminem with the gods-awful Chrysler 200? Well this year the product’s significantly better, it’s the new Chrysler 200, but this Dylan paean is just woeful.

Ford hybrids

In the US, Ford has a wide range of hybrids and this rather dull teaser to promote that.

The actual Super Bowl spot just threw more rubbish and money onto the smelly bonfire.


This would’ve been rather effective as a road safety ad or without the hugging schtick.

Hyundai Genesis

Hurrah, Hyundai’s large rear-wheel drive Genesis is coming to Australia. For the Super Bowl, Hyundai is promoting the car’s auto emergency braking … when a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo pulls out in front of it.

Hyundai Elantra

There’s a facelifted MD Elantra in here and one of the guys from Big Bang Theory. Nice is a such a bland word to use, kinda like this ad, in a way.

Jaguar F-Type coupe

Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, the new Jaguar F-Type coupe, a double decker bus, and a Hollywood stereotype all walk into a bar …

Jeep Cherokee

When Fiat Chrysler thinks profits it thinks Jeep and Ram, and this new Jeep Cherokee just has to be a hit for the new Italian-American conglomerate to survive.

Kia K900

To promote Kia’s take on the Hyundai Genesis, the uninspiringly named K900, Kia brought Laurence Fishburne and Morpheus back to life.

Maserati Ghibli

What? Maserati advertising in the Super Bowl?

Mazda 3

Mazda has a lot riding on the new 3. How could you explain an ad that combines Bruce Lee, Frank Llyod Wright and Jackie Robinson into something so tepid?

Need for Speed

Okay, so we’re bending the rules a little bit here. This is for the Need for Speed movie starring the Heisenberg’s sidekick from Breaking Bad.


If for nothing else we’ll give points to Daimler for persistence.

Toyota Highlander (aka Kluger)

The Anchorman/Dodge Durango cross-promotional ads worked so well, Toyota’s taking the same tack with its new Highlander SUV (it’s coming soon to Australia as the new Kluger) and the new Muppets movie.


Humour is good way to counter the growing perception that Volkswagen’s cars aren’t reliable.

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