2014 W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class interior: a huge upgrade on the W204’s

German website Auto Zeitung (literally Car Newspaper) has revealed the interior of next year’s W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class and it’s big step up, in terms of both quality and design, from the current C-Class’ interior.

Update (17 Dec 2013): Mercedes-Benz has released full details and pics of the new W205 C-Class. We’ve updated the photo gallery below with all of Mercedes’ official pics. Click through to our news article read details about the W205 C-Class’ specs, dimensions, engines, performance and fuel economy.

The W205 C-Class will feature a new higher quality dashboard that’s clad, predictably, in leather or faux leather, and at least partially inspired by the dash used in both the A-Class and CLA. It features a curved centre section that’s a lot more minimalist than previous C-Class dashes, which have generally erred on the side of button overload.

In the middle of the dash is a floating high-res entertainment and navigation screen that’s controlled by a revised Comand controller. A development of the new controlled controller seen first on the W222 S-Class, the W205’s features what appears to be extra buttons (possibly capacitive) and a built-in touchpad.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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