2014 Lexus RC-F coupe has 5L V8 with over 330kW/450hp

Lexus has revealed the look of its new high performance model, the RC-F coupe, before its official unveiling at next week’s 2014 Detroit Motor Show.

The company is still playing coy with some of the details, but we do know that the new RC-F coupe, which replaces the IS-F sedan from the previous generation, packs a 5-litre V8 under the engorged bonnet bulge. This engine will kick out over 330kW (450hp) of power to, we presume, the rear wheels via an automatic transmission. Judging from the supplied photos the 5-litre V8 engine will be redlined at around 7,250rpm.

Buyers will have a choice of three different 19-inch alloy wheel designs to go with the standard Michelin tyres. Compared to the regular RC coupe range, the RC-F is lowered for both visual and handling effect, and there’s a standard bodykit (complete with bronze-framed spindle grille!) to complement the car’s flared wheelarches.

Similar to the outgoing IS-F, the new RC-F has four exhaust pipes with each pair stacked vertically. On the RC-F’s boot is a rear spoiler that automatically deploys at 80km/h and retracts again at 40km/h.

Inside the RC-F driver and front passenger are treated to deep dished sports bucket seats with quilted leather. The driver has “F-Style” pedals at his or her feet, and the choice of four driving modes.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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