2014 Honda City sedan: 1.5L diesel, petrol engines; styling buzzwords aplenty

While there are plenty of Honda Jazz hatchbacks floating around Australian streets, Asia prefers sedans. So, here it is then, the latest Jazz/Fit-based Honda City sedan.

The fourth generation Honda City, like the current third generation model, is based on the Jazz/Fit hatch. Unlike some other small hatches that have been turned into sedans, Honda not only fits a boot to the Jazz/Fit, but goes to the effort of reshaping and restyling the front and sides too. This helps to avoid the unfortunate looks of the likes of the Mitsubishi Attrage (or Mirage sedan).

So, while we’re more than happy to give kudos to Honda for creating a non-ugly small sedan, we probably wouldn’t go as far as the company has in describing the new vehicle. In Honda’s words, the new City boasts: Exciting H Design, Solid Wing Face, Well Toned Athlete Form, Finely Honed Surfacing, Sleek Cross-Motion Form, One Motion Styling, and Elegant Coupe Styling. Don’t forget that it adheres to Honda’s old maxim of “man maximum machine minimum” and on the inside it has a “Layered Floating Cockpit”. Breathe now.

The new City will be produced first in India, and will ship with either a 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine or a 1.5-litre petrol motor. No word yet on Australian availability.


Length: 4,440mm (unchanged)
Width: 1,695mm (unchanged)
Height: 1,495mm (+10mm)
Wheelbase: 2,600mm (+50mm)

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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