2014 6th gen Ford Mustang leaked by Autoweek, or is it?

User Screaming 40th on the SVT Performance forum has posted photos of the latest edition of respected US magazine Autoweek, in which are, it claims, studio photos of the sixth generation Ford Mustang.

The new Mustang is due to be officially unveiled across the globe at various launch events, with the biggest reveal being that by Ford North America on Good Morning America.

According to the report by Autoweek, Ford expects only 10 percent of all Mustangs made to sold overseas. For the first time the entire Mustang range adopts independent rear suspension, while engines will vary in size from the 2.3-litre turbocharged (sorry, EcoBoost) 4-cylinder engine through to a 5-litre V8.

The new Mustang has been confirmed for Australia and should arrive well before the closure of Ford’s local production facilities and, therefore, death of the Falcon range, including the XR8.


Wheelbase: 2,720mm (107.1-inch; unchanged)

Sources: SVT Performance Forum, Autoblog

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