2013 VF Holden Commodore will resemble the just revealed Chevy SS NASCAR racer

Chevy in the US has taken the wraps off its new look 2013 Chevrolet SS NASCAR race car body, which resembles (roughly) next year’s Chevrolet SS sedan.

Why this is significant for us is that the Chevy SS will, in essence, be next year’s VF Holden Commodore. Albeit one with a steering wheel on the left and all the appropriate mods to make it legal for sale in the United States of America.

Naturally the proportions of a NASCAR car body are completely different that of a Holden Commodore (or next year’s Chevy SS) — for one a NASCAR racer is a coupe — but if you take the design elements from the front (grille, engine air intake, headlights, LED driving lights and fot lights) and the rear (tail-lights) and mentally paste them onto a VE Holden Commodore body, you’re essentially looking at the new VF Commodore and its Chevy SS twin.

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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