2013 Renault Captur loses the scissor doors, magic of the concept car

We have no doubt that Renault will sell bucket loads of the newly unveiled Captur SUV-cross-MPV, but as our eyes first gazed on the final production car our inner self shed a tear or two. That’s because the new SUV loses not only the scissor doors (undoubtedly a sensible idea in cost and practicality terms), but also much of the design chutzpah of the original Captur concept car.

According to Renault the new Captur mixes the wink-wink-I-might-go-off-road-every-now-and-then styling of an SUV with the versatility of an MPV. The new car is based on fourth generation Renault Clio and measures 4.12m in length.

Confirmed features include keyless entry, rear parking sensors, modular interior with MPV-style storage spaces, hill start assistance and buyer customisable interior trim. In Europe the Captur will be offered with the company’s R-Link touchscreen entertainment and nav system that uses Android as its OS and TomTom for its nav function.

Naturally the car be powered by either diesel and petrol engines (we expect the lineup to be similar to that offered in the Clio IV). No word yet on whether all-wheel drive will offered in addition to front-wheel drive. More details on the Captur have yet to be released; the car has yet to enter production and its in-the-flesh public unveiling is scheduled for March’s Geneva Motor Show.

Just to remind you of what you’re missing out on, feast your eyes on the concept car (below).

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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