2013 Melbourne Motor Show cancelled due to tight car maker budgets

The organisers of the 2013 Melbourne Motor Show have cancelled the event due to a lack of interest from car makers, who have decided to focus their time and money on their own events and promotions.

According to the Event Director of the Australian International Motor Show, Ross Tyrie, it was the “consensus view of the automotive industry to focus limited marketing budgets in 2013 on firm specific activities rather than an industry based motor show”.

The cancellation of the Melbourne show follows on from a disappointing 2012 Sydney Motor Show where a number of key manufacturers decided not to exhibit, including Audi and BMW, continuing a trend that’s been occurring at recent Australian motor shows. This is all happening against the backdrop of record sales in the Australian new car market.

Car makers often quote a cost of several million dollars to prepare a motor show stand — renting floor space, designing and constructing a set, shipping in and shipping out cars (especially concept cars and world first reveals), and hiring sales consultants and booth babes/hunks all take a considerable amount of money.

To counteract rising costs and car maker disquiet, from 2010 onwards the organisers of the Melbourne and Sydney Motor Shows agreed to join forces to alternate shows on an annual basis between Sydney and Melbourne.

The organisers of the Australian International Motor Show have yet to make a decision on the 2014 show, which is due to be held in Sydney.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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