13th gen Ford F-150 powered by 2.7L or 3.5L V6; 5L V8

At the 2014 Detroit Motor Show Ford has unveiled the all new 13th generation Ford F-150 pickup, which looks a lot like the Atlas Concept from last year. Surprises of surprises, though, the new F-150 can be powered by a 2.7-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

Correction (14 Jan, 2014): An earlier version of this article stated the 2.7-litre engine was a 4-cylinder. Er, we were wrong. It’s in fact a twin-turbo V6. Sorry internet.

Naturally this isn’t the only engine on offer in the new F-150 range: there’s also a 3.5-litre V6 in both normally aspirated and turbocharged forms, and a single 5-litre V8. With the new F-150 range not due to hit showrooms until later this year, Ford is keeping quiet on power, torque and fuel economy figures.

Regardless of engine the only transmission on offer is a 6-speed automatic. Buyers do a have choice between rear- and four-wheel drive, however.

To make the small V6 engine a possibility Ford has decided to make the new F-150 lighter. Thanks to an aluminium alloy body mated to an steel frame, the new truck is up to 320kg (700lb) lighter than the outgoing F-150. Size-wise, the new F-150 roughly the same as the 12th generation model, which is to say ginormous. The smallest model measures just over 5.3m long, 2m wide and 1.9m tall, while the largest edition stretches out to over 6.3m long.

Depending on the model you choose, there’s plenty of tech goodies to keep everyone, except environmentalists, happy. A fully loaded model will come with LED head- and tail-lights, LED spotlights in the wing mirrors, LED lighting for the cargo area, integrated loading ramp, surround view camera, trailer hitching assistance guide lines on the reversing camera screen, tailgate with dampened opening action and remote control, 400W/110V power outlets inside the cabin, underseat storage, 8-inch entertainment and nav system, active cruise control, lane keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring and reverse traffic alert, curve control braking, and inflatable seat belts for the rear seats.


Regular Super Cab Super Crew
Length 5,316mm (6.5ft/2m tray)
5,789mm (8ft/2.4m tray)
5,890mm (6.5ft/2m tray)
6,363mm (8ft/2.4m tray)
5,890mm (5.5ft/1.7m tray)
6,190mm (6.5ft/2m tray)
1,911mm (RWD)
1,950mm (4×4)
Wheelbase 3,109mm (6.5ft/2m tray)
3,660mm (8ft/2.4m tray)
3,683mm (6.5ft/2m tray)
4,158mm (8ft/2.4m tray)
3,683mm (5.5ft/1.7m tray)
3,983mm (6.5ft/2m tray)
Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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